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I have been monitoring and listening to what is happening throughout Europe re the “Corona Virus” and I imagine you are fed up with the facts, figures and recommendations!

I have also been looking at what various quiz leagues are starting to do… for example:

Bury Quiz League: Suspended – Abandon Cup and Presentation Night

Quiz League of London (QLL): Suspended – review 6th April

WITHQUIZ: Suspended with immediate effect

Sett Valley Quiz League: Suspended

Lancaster Quiz League: Review 18th March – suspension likely

and there are many others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition I have been contacted by several of you expressing concern because of what is happening, plus the fact that quite a few of us are no spring chickens and a lot of us also have underlying health conditions.

It is imperative that people’s health and well-being is our, and certainly my, top priority.

Although I have delivered the sets for the 6 scheduled matches as detailed below – I suggest that all 6 matches are postponed until further notice as well as the remaining RDQL schedule (25th March, 1st April, 8th April and 15thApril).

18th March 2020 – Quarter Final Lawrence Williamson Memorial Plate

BAMFORD BOWLING CLUB (6)                  versus                   ROYLE BOWLING CLUB (14)

BLUE PITS RAIDERS (5)                           versus                   CEMETERY YOYOS (9)

NORDEN BOWLING CLUB (5)                   versus                   BLUE PITS ROVERS (0)

HEALEY HOTEL (0)                                    versus                   BYE

 18th March 2020 – Quarter Final Dave Marsh Memorial Cup

LANCASHIRE FOLD VAULT (9)                   versus                   ROEBUCK ROMANIES (8)
WHITWORTH BAND CLUB (6)           59 (14) – (16) 57                COMRADES CLUB B (2)
Played on the 11th March 2020: (Result after Round 10 ,- Tie after Rounds 8 and 9)
LANCASHIRE FOLD (3)                      versus                               WOOLWORTHS SSC (19)
COMRADES CLUB A (12)                    versus                   THE STROLLING PLAYERS (19)

When it becomes clearer how long this health issue is going to be here we can then make an informed decision as to how and if to conclude the season.

Please can you let your respective home venues know this so they have at least 48 hours to cancel and food, sandwiches, etc?

In the case of Norden Bowling Club (Pairs) and Lancashire Fold (Presentation Night) the same applies.

Apologies for the “quizaholics” out there but lets do the sensible thing!

All comments welcome

Thanks – Simon

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