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The long-established Rochdale and District Quiz League (RDQL) is an association of people who like the challenge of a well run pub or club quiz in a friendly and civilised atmosphere. Teams of up to six players meet on a Wednesday night during the season, either in the pub or club in which they are based or in the pub or club of the opposing team, depending on whether it is a home or away match. The matches consist of 8 rounds of team questions (no individual rounds). At the end of the match, points are awarded according to how the teams fared and these determine the position of the team within the division of the League. We’re always on the lookout for new people and teams

After the match proper, it is customary to hold a “gallon round” of 20 themed or hidden theme questions, and it is customary for the team losing the gallon round giving £0.50p per player to the winners. Light refreshments, ranging from a plate of sandwiches to a sumptuous hot dish, are then served with lots of enjoyable conversation to round the evening off.

If you wish to discuss further or join the League as an individual or as a new team then contact the current organiser, administrator and question compiler, Simon Roberts on 07973291442 or email rdql.info@yahoo.com.

Most existing teams welcome new blood. For example “The Strolling Players” are on the lookout for new players as it will allow them to remain in the league. If there are plenty of applicants, they it may be possible to set up another team in an existing pub or club. You may also wish to enter a new team into the league. For this you will need up to six players plus someone to act as question reader and timekeeper for home games. The scores are usually checked and agreed by both teams after each round and of course for the gallon. You will also need suitable premises to hold the home games.

Arrangements vary from pub to pub, but we have found that most landlords / landladies welcome an event which will regularly bring over a dozen customers (for many teams bring supporters to cheer them on) into their establishments on a slack weekday night. Indeed many landlords pay their team’s league fees and/or provide food refreshments.

The questions, of a good and interesting standard, are supplied by Simon Roberts and delivered to the venues in sealed envelopes.

Simon J Roberts
RDQL Organiser, Administrator and Question Compiler
m: 07973291442

To give you plenty of warning the dates for the AGM/Presentation/Buffet/Quiz and the start of the RDQL2022/23 Season have been set:


Date: Wednesday 21st September 2022
Venue: Lancashire Fold, Middleton
Start Time: 20.30
Finish by: 23.00
Agenda: To be sent

Start of the RDQL 2022/23 Season

Date: Wednesday 28th September 2022

Rochdale and District Quiz League 2019/20 and 2021/22 – Trophies

Season 2019/20

  • Division 1 – Winners: Blue Pits Rovers:
  • Division 1 – Runners Up: Whitworth Band Club:
  • Division 2 – Winners: Blue Pits Raiders:
  • Division 2 – Runners Up: Norden Bowling Club:

2: League Divisional Gallon Trophies

  • Division 1 – Gallon Winners: Blue Pits Rovers:
  • Division 1 – Gallon Runners Up: Healey Hotel:
  • Division 2 – Gallon Winners: Blue Pits Raiders:
  • Division 2 – Gallon Runners Up: Lancashire Fold Vault:

3: Special Trophies

  • Strongest Team Trophy: Woolworths SSC:

Season 2021/22

1: League Divisional Trophies

  • Division 1 – Winners: Healey Hotel:
  • Division 1 – Runners Up: Blue Pits Rovers:

2: League Divisional Gallon Trophies

  • Division 1 – Gallon Winners: Blue Pits Rovers:
  • Division 1 – Gallon Runners Up: Healey Hotel:

3: Special Trophies

  • Strongest Team Trophy: Comrades Club A:
  • Presentation night handicap quiz: Winners only:

Congratulations and well done to Healey Hotel for winning the league, and Blue Pits Rovers for winning the Gallon league. As per previous correspondence, the 2021-22 season is now over. Thank you to all participants and hope to see you all next season.

Steve (webperson).

Teams have found parking near Bamford Bowling Club to be difficult. The best free option is if you go down Hollin Lane (the terraced row next to The Grapes) where there is sometimes parking outside the houses, or if you go past the houses and turn right, there is a long road you can use leading up to the farm / behind the retirement homes.